Mayce Torres For Mayor

"...What you can do for the country!"

Civic duty is a responsibility we must exercise to see change. People are dying in our city. Violence must end. I belief that the fight for our rights and freedom my father, a Vietnam Airborne veteran fought for, is still our fight today. He fought for us, today we fight together for our beloved city. 

The city of New Haven. Make your vote count!

Mayce Torres

My mission and vision for our beloved city is one in the same. As we redefine life since COVID we must learn to ensure we are prepared. This pandemic showed socioeconomic problems that divide us. But, I see an opportunity to help us adjust and thrive. Together we can!

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Crime and Gun Violence

The crime rate, especially violent crimes, are rising quickly. We must STOP the shootings before they happen and SOLVE them when they do. 



ONLY 1/2 of NHPS students are reading at grade level. Only 21% are at grade level. in Math. We need to do better now!

Police & Community

I will increase cooperation between NHPD and the community.. The police will be allowed them to do their job  and enforce the law. Though not over policing. We will incorporate Community Health Workers to go where aid is needed at the moment is needed to address all socioeconomic, health disparities, and know every person on our streets and find help for our people who are suffering. We will make a difference as social work needs to become the fabric of community. 

Home Ownership

We must increase home ownership in the city and hold slum lords accountable. I have a plan to increase home ownership which is down under the current administration. 


People must be held accountable for their actions. It does not matter who you are or what position you hold. Under my administration, people will be held accountable for their action or inaction. 


Yale must pay their fair share and must be prevented from buying the entire city. Every property they purchase has the possibility of being tax exempt. Each property taken off tax rolls forces YOUR taxes to increase. 


203 Spring St. New Haven. 

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